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Upper left back angled implant


KAT implants are the only two-piece implants on the market that have a solid body design.

445 N for KAT 3.1mm as compared to 425 N for 4.3 mm Nobel Active implant.   

No fractures of the implants with the original post design have been reported to date.

Fatigue testing done according to ISO 14801:2007 – click here to see the report.

Ultimate Fit

The intimate fit – much less than 1 micron as pictured – is possible only with locking taper connection implants. Bacteria can’t penetrate through the interface and invade surrounding tissues.

Click here to see the connection fit report.

Click here to see the Univ. of Rochester microleakage report.

Fixed screw-retained upper and lower bridges on implants


KAT (Key Assisted Transfer) System is utilizing the patented indexing connection to give our clients excellent fitting restorations, even with the full arch bridge cases.

Zero rotational play between abutments and implants can only be achieved with the KAT system. 


The KAT system utilizes a single platform for all implants ranging from 2.5 to 6mm in diameter.

The locking taper surfaces are machined to the industry leading tolerance of +/- .00005 for a precise and secure connection.